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Landlord and Tenant (for Tenants)

There are occasions when tenants may feel their landlord is not treating them fairly. We understand that you will want to feel safe and secure in your home and we can advise you on all aspects of Landlord and Tenant Law, including:

  • Deposit schemes
  • Your landlord’s repair and maintenance duties
  • Your landlord’s health and safety responsibilities
  • Rent increases
  • Possession proceedings
  • Eviction notices and proceedings
  • Harassment by your landlord
  • Illegal eviction

Tenancy Agreements are very important documents which deal with a range of issues. Our specialist lawyers can provide you with comprehensive advice on the terms of a proposed tenancy agreement to ensure you are fully aware of its implications.

In the event a dispute with your landlord progresses to court, we can represent you by preparing all court documentation and arranging for an experienced advocate, whether it be a solicitor or barrister, to attend all court hearings with you and put all representations to the judge on your behalf.

Contact us today for a no obligation discussion about your Landlord and Tenant queries.