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Mental Health

The Mental Health Act 1983 governs the reception, care and treatment of mentally disordered patients where a patient can be admitted to hospital and detained for an application for admission for assessment. The medical practice will have to show that the patient is suffering from a mental disorder of a nature or degree which warrants the detention of the patient in hospital for assessment. The detention must be in the interests of the patients health or safety with a view to the protection of the other persons.

In many instances the standard of care or the interests of a patient falls below the minimum standard requirements and this is where we are here to help. Mental health is often considered a sensitive issue, at Pepperells we take our clients best interests into account from day one and apply our knowledge and experience to ensure you receive a tailored service. We act on behalf of patients and organisations who require advice and representation in many areas of the law surrounding mental health.

We provide services on all mental health law issues including:

  • Court representations over residence and contact
  • Power of attorney
  • Mental health review tribunal representation
  • Mental health tribunal representations
  • Advising prisoners who are being transferred to hospital
  • Advising on the failings of care and compliant investigations
  • Acting on behalf of minors and adults regarding medical treatment
  • Advising on the negligence of professionals/governing bodies