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Planning Permission

Planning permission refused?

If your application for planning permission has either been refused or accepted subject to amendments which you do not agree with you can make an appeal against the Council’s decision.

We can review the refusal and any subsequent amendments made whilst advising you on any grounds of appeal you may have. We will inform you throughout your case of your prospects of success to ensure the appropriate action is taken.

If you decide to appeal a decision our experienced team of advocates are here to represent you at a hearing or an inquiry.

Change of property use

The Town and Country Planning Order 1987 specifies the ‘use classes’ where planning permission is not required. The classes, titled A1-D2 and their permitted uses allow the land owner to change the use of the property subject to The Town and Country Planning Order 1987. We can provide you with advice on any changes you require and the prospects of success of the changes being granted. The property sector can often be a confusing process and we recommend you seek legal advice prior to commencing any application.


Our specialist property team have many years of experience within the planning permission sector and a selection of our services include;

  • Objections of third parties
  • Hearing advocacy representation
  • Planning applications and permission
  • Appeals against the refusal and consent
  • Planning and infrastructure agreements

If you are currently an individual homeowner, a developer, a business or a local authority our Pepperells Planning Permission team are here to help. Our years of experience and specialist approach to client satisfaction ensure you receive the highest level of service.