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Social Media

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media sites are great tools for individuals and businesses, However social media presents new problems for every business, whether your business utilises social media or not. Customers, clients and even employees are able to voice their opinions without restraint and often without redress. For individuals the abuse of social media is no less distressing and often has a greater impact on someone’s life.

Pepperells understand that comments made on social media sites can damage reputations, destroy the hard work of a business and devastate lives. Time is of the essence when dealing with comments which are defamatory. At Pepperells we have the skill and expertise to react quickly in a changing environment to prevent long term damage to your business.

Online Reviews

The online reviewing community has seen the rapid growth and expansion of websites covering almost every product and service sector. From tripadvisor.co.uk to myhammer.co.uk, there is now a way to check the performance of almost every product and service before you parting with your cash.

Review websites are a great resource for expanding businesses but present a problem when customers post reviews which are inaccurate, unfounded, untrue and sometimes completely fictitious.

Where reviews fall foul of UK defamation laws there are options beyond complaining to the websites administrators. Pepperells are able to react quickly to suppress bad reviews which breach UK laws, saving your businesses reputation and ensuring that your hard work does not go unrewarded.