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Compulsory Purchase

Land  Owners

Can I challenge a compulsory purchase order made against my property?

  • Yes, any objections made against the compulsory purchase will be heard by an independent inspector

< Will I receive anything in return if a compulsory purchase order is successful?

  • Yes, an order made will usually include several forms of compensation. This may include the costs of moving from your original property to a new property, the costs of acquiring a new property and additional payments.

Will it cost for me to seek legal advice?

  • Costs incurred when seeking professional advice where a compulsory purchase is concerned are usually reimbursed by the body or authority responsible for the order

At Pepperells we provide specialist advice to landowners who are or may be affected by a proposed compulsory order including;

  • The contents of a submitted compulsory purchase order and advice on any objections which should be made
  • Providing representation at a public inquiry concerning the order
  • Negotiation on your behalf with an Authority to ensure you receive a compensatory settlement tailored to you


Authorities often have to implement planning permission and schemes that the government propose and ascertain throughout the year. It is the implementation of these schemes where we can provide our experience and expert knowledge to ensure any land you require can be obtained. Authorities may face several problems when applying for the purchase of land, we have the experience of dealing with these issues in a quick and efficient manner, allowing you the peace of mind for the purchase to be completed.

We can advise on;

  • The application process when acquiring a compulsory purchase order
  • The suitable methods to acquire land
  • Negotiation with the land owner to ensure a quick resolution can be reached
  • Compensation packages to be made to the land owners
  • Drafting the proposed compulsory purchase and any supporting documents
  • Licenses and leases required forming part of the compulsory purchase
  • Contracts currently agreed with land developers