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To help us to help you, instruct us as soon as possible

Many people try to resolve matters themselves and only seek legal advice when issues become difficult for them.  It is very important to contact us at the earliest opportunity so we can advise you of any particular course of action you should or should not take to avoid prejudicing your position.

Avoid social networking sites

It is very common for parties to display their frustrations and anger on social networking sites.  This should be avoided as it can heighten any animosity that exists.  That in itself is likely to increase your divorce costs. Avoid social networking sites and contact us as soon as you realise something is not quite right and you may need to start divorce proceedings.

I was married abroad but want to divorce in the UK

If you were married abroad this may not prevent you from obtaining a divorce in the UK.  Contact us so we can advise you of your options and remember to bring your original marriage certificate to your initial meeting with us.  If your marriage certificate is not in English but you have a certified translation do bring this translation to your meeting.

The myth: “irreconcilable differences”

Many clients believe it is possible to obtain a divorce citing “irreconcilable differences” with their former spouse.  The only ground upon which a divorce can be granted to a Petitioner is the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage but to prove this one of 5 specific facts must be established.  At Pepperells solicitors we can advise you of the most appropriate and cost effective course of action to take to ensure your divorce with your former spouse, the Respondent to the proceedings, progresses quickly and cost effectively. Do locate your marriage certificate at an early stage, however, as we will need to lodge this document in Court for you with your divorce papers.

The myth: “a quickie divorce”

Unless there are exceptional circumstances most divorces take some months to progress and conclude.  It is therefore important to ensure each stage of the proceedings is dealt with accurately and with the benefit of expert legal advice to avoid the heartache of elongated proceedings.

I cannot afford to pay for a divorce and/or I believe my spouse is at fault and should pay my divorce costs

Legal aid is no longer available to cover divorce costs except in some circumstances including violence within a relationship.  At Pepperells solicitors we can advise you if your circumstances would enable you to obtain legal aid to cover your divorce costs, if not, how much those costs are likely to be, whether you can recover your costs from your spouse and whether you can claim an exemption from payment of Court fees.  Do contact us for further information about a divorce even if you are concerned about payment of your divorce costs.

Will I need to attend Court to obtain a divorce?

It is very rare for someone to now have to attend Court to obtain a divorce even if there are children of the family.  If we assist you from an early stage, as your solicitor, we may be able to draft your divorce petition and obtain the first part of your divorce, the decree nisi and the final part of your divorce, the decree absolute without the need for you to attend Court.  No need to therefore worry about instructing barristers or Counsel which could substantially increase your costs.

At Pepperells solicitors our family department can provide you with advice on the most appropriate and cost effective course of action for you to take.  Contact us on 01482 326411.