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Personal Law

Our Personal Law Services

The Personal Approach

Over the years we have listened to the needs of our commercial clients and have designed our service accordingly.

Our clients like to know that we are easily accessible when an urgent matter arises, can act swiftly and decisively when required, and are prepared to visit clients in their homes or business premises when requested to do so.

The Specialist Approach

Each member of our Business Support Unit specialises in a different business related legal area. Thus your matter will be handled by the partner or lawyer most suitable for you. When, as frequently happens various issues arise then other members of the team will be involved so that you can benefit from their collective experience.

The Commercial Approach

We place great emphasis on developing an understanding of a clients business. In this way we are able to review their legal affairs in light of the wider commercial implications, and then offer legal advice which takes into account practical business issues.

Our Approach to keeping in Touch

Lawyers are often criticised for not keeping in touch with their clients. Pepperells recognise the importance of this and has a policy not only of keeping clients up to date with the progress of their matter, but reviewing their business each year at no cost.

Our Approach to Costs

Our fees are both commercially realistic and competitive. We believe in discussing our charging levels openly at the beginning of any matter and to keeping our clients updated as things progress.