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Injunctions Preventing Harassment

Harassment is abusive or threatening behaviour and may include:

  • unwanted telephone calls or texts
  • unwanted contact through social media, such as Facebook
  • verbal or written abuse
  • stalking
  • violent threats
  • violence

Harassment can be a criminal offence so you should contact the police in the first instance if you believe you are being harassed.

Our lawyers can prepare and send a warning letter to the perpetrator on your behalf, and can assist you with your claim for an injunction if appropriate. We would prepare all court paperwork and represent you at the interim and final hearings. We will arrange for an experienced advocate, whether it be a solicitor or barrister, to attend all hearings with you and put all representations to the judge on your behalf.

It is possible to arrange an appointment at the court at very short notice where the matter is urgent.

Subject to your financial circumstances, you may be eligible for assistance with your legal fees through the Legal Aid Agency and, if so, we would assist you with your application for Legal Aid.

We understand that you are likely to feel very distressed about the harassment, and may feel intimidated while attending court hearings. We will support you through every step and ensure you are kept fully informed about the progress of your case.

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