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Coercive Control carries a maximum sentence of 5 years, a fine or both.

Coercion in the eyes of the law is where a person is purposefully domineering towards a partner or their children. The new offence acknowledges what abuse victims have been telling us for decades; that having their independence and other basic rights and liberties controlled is a form of domestic abuse.

This new legislation is significant as it criminalises many other forms of domestic abuse, which have been historically difficult to evidence.

Coercive control could look like:

  • Unreasonable and non-negotiable demands
  • Stalking – surveillance and unwanted contact
  • Cruelty
  • Destroying the partners other relationships and isolating her/him from friends, family members, co-workers and others
  • Restricting daily activities
  • Combination of demands, threats of negative consequences
  • Manipulation through minimisation, denial, lies, promises, etc
  • Threats and intimidation
  • Excuses, rationalisations and blame.
  • Stifling the partner’s independence
  • Controlling partner’s access to information and services
  • Financial control and exploitation
  • Demanding obedience
  • Treating their partner and children as objects
  • Extreme jealousy, possessiveness and ridiculous accusations of cheating
  • Punishing the partner and children for breaking one of their rules
  • Ignoring their partner’s needs, opinions and feelings, and the harm that their behaviour does to her/him

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