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A Summary of the Domestic Abuse Bill 2019-20

A Summary of the Domestic Abuse Bill 2019-20

At Pepperells we take pride in keeping up to date with the latest legal developments.
The new Domestic Abuse Bill is no exception to this.

On 3rd March 2020, the new Domestic Abuse Bill was introduced to Parliament. The Bill is currently within the ‘Committee Stage’ of the legislative process after the completion of its second reading on 28th April 2020. The Bill will now be scrutinised by the Public Committee and a report will be produced by the 25th July 2020.
Crucially, the Bill will provide a statutory definition of ‘Domestic Abuse’ highlighting that Domestic Abuse is not just physical abuse, but can also be financial, emotional, coercive or controlling, and psychological abuse. This will support the existing definition contained within Practice Direction 12J of the Family Procedure Rules 2010 which establishes that Domestic Abuse includes “psychological, physical, sexual, financial, or emotional abuse”.
The new Bill will allow victims to safely report incidents of Domestic Abuse to all public services, who, under Section 3 of the Act, have a duty to—
a. Listen, believe and respond effectively, and signpost survivors to help;
b. Deliver protection and support before any other action – including immigration enforcement;
c. Improve consistency in asking about domestic abuse (routine enquiry).
In addition, the Bill will aim to raise awareness about Domestic Abuse via a compulsory teaching scheme in schools that will signpost what abusive behaviour includes and how to avoid such behaviour within a relationship.

At Pepperells Solicitors, Our Family Law Team deal with Domestic Abuse matters on a daily basis.
For this reason, we will continue to closely monitor the Bill as it moves through Parliament.

In the meantime, should you believe you are currently suffering from Domestic Abuse, please click on the link below to uncover the options available to you:

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