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Wills, Tax & Probate

Window Wills 2022

Window Wills

  1. We would take instructions either over the phone or via video chat
  2. Send draft Wills preferably by email or by post
  3. Once an appointment is arranged to attend the clients house and signed, we will call the client the day before to run through the Will and confirm they are happy with it
  4. We will either then send the final Will in the post to the client, send it via email for the client to print at home, or print it off ourselves to take with us
  5. Two people from the office will then attend the clients house, wearing protective gloves. We would request the clients use their own pen for signing
  6. The client would sign the Will inside their house with the two witnesses stood outside observing through the window (and keeping 2 metres apart from each other)
  7. The client would then either pass the Will through the window, or post it through the door, and the witnesses would then each sign in the presence of each other and the client



If you don’t make a will your property and other assets may not pass to whom you want. The future well being of your family may depend on you having prepared an effective and legally valid will. Using our specialist knowledge of property, trusts and tax law we will help you cater for a number of different possibilities and prepare the will to maximise your peace of mind.

Wills Reviews

You may well have prepared a will many years ago, however, as a result in changes in your own personal family or financial circumstances, it may no longer reflect your current wishes. Furthermore, changes in the inheritance tax provisions may also mean you need to review your will. We offer a discussion to help you identify whether or not any changes would be beneficial to you.

Power of Attorney

When you grant power of attorney a certificate provider must carry out all reasonable checks that you are both mentally capable and not being pressured or threatened. A certificate provider can be someone that has known you personally for more than two years or is a prescribed professional. if you wish, you are able to appoint more than one attorney at any time. Your attorney must be at least 18 years old and must not be bankrupt if they are to be appointed as co-ordinator of your financial affairs. There are two types of power of attorney, one called property and affairs, the other personal welfare.

Tax Planning

Tax law is complex and forever changing. Our specialists can advise you on the best way to plan ahead and to arrange your tax affairs during your lifetime to minimise the amount eventually payable.

Help for Personal Representatives

Personal representatives are the people named in a will to act as executor, or the next of kin of someone who has left no will. Being a personal representative has heavy responsibilities and can be legally difficult. This is quite apart from the fact that after a loss of someone close to you, dealing with these matters may prove personally distressing. With this in mind we can relieve you of the burden of ‘getting probate’ or ‘letters of administration’ and help you ensure that the wishes of the deceased are followed.

Long Term Residential Care

It is a fact of life that many people may need to go into a nursing home or some other form of long term residential care when they get older. It is also true that your capital and home can be used to pay for this care. Simply transferring the ownership to your children, however, is no guarantee that your house is protected from being used to pay for fees. We provide advice and practical help on dealing with this sort of situation.


Your Will Your Way

Caring for Clients


As a result of our extensive experience of dealing with the concerns of elderly clients and their families we are able to give you the most up to date practical solutions to any questions and problems you may have.

Keeping in touch

We recognise the importance of keeping in touch. This, of course, is not just whilst we are dealing with any specific matter, but also more generally over the years. Without cost we see it as part of our service to make you aware of the things that might affect you as they arise.


We believe it is very important that there should be no hidden surprises for your when it comes to our charges. With this in mind we always advise our clients of our charging methods at the outset and keep you updated as things progress.


Our office is equipped with an expanding range of modern technology. This is to enhance our efficiency, accuracy and to make us as responsible as possible.

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