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Dementia Action Week

Dementia Action Week MAY 2022

Dementia Action Week takes place the week of 16th to 22nd May 2022. Currently 850,000 people are living with dementia in the UK and the government suggests by 2025 over a million people could have dementia. Here at Pepperells we would like to help you ensure you have all the legal protections in place to safeguard you and your family. Ensure your family can assist with your financial arrangements and represent your health wishes if needed. We all hope we can make [...]

Hannah Bell

School Placements Day

Today, thousands of parents across the country will have received the news about their child’s allocated school place for September. Family Law Solicitor Hannah Bell, shares her advice to parents who are not in agreement about their child or children’s school place. “Parents who hold parental responsibility for their child are entitled to have a say in choosing the school their child attends. When parents have separated, it is not always the case that both parents will agree on what school their [...]

commercial solicitor job vacancy

Commercial Solicitor

Annual awards, lots of company perks and great work culture. Apply today to become part of #TeamPepps and take your career to the next level. Please email CV and covering letter to: careers@pepperells.com #YourPartnerForLife

LPA Hull

Can I make a Lasting Power of Attorney Online?

In a time where it is possible to deal with most things online, from ordering a pizza, booking a holiday even to dealing with certain legal matters. Whilst this may seem to be a practical way to deal with your important legal matters, you should be aware, that like with most things, they often are not as straight forward as they may first seem. Lasting Powers of Attorney are essential documents for all adults no matter how old or healthy. [...]


Choose Pepperells Solicitors to help you with your police interview

    It will cost you nothing Pepperells Solicitors hold a legal aid contract with the Legal Aid Agency and so when we attend at the police station for you regardless of the amount of time that is taken to assist you with your case it is all completely free to you. We will attend for you day or night. We are entirely independent of the police We are entirely independent of the police. You will be assisted by specially qualified police station representatives and [...]


End to the Fault-Based Divorce System: A New Horizon for Separating Couples

A blog by Blue Stephenson, Trainee Solicitor in the family department The current legal framework governing divorce in England and Wales derives from the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973; a statute that has remained mostly unamended since its enactment 48 years ago. The Civil Partnership Act 2004 provides an analogous framework for the dissolution of civil partnerships. Like many other areas of the law, the law on divorce and dissolution has been slow to catch up with societal changes and is still [...]


When can directors be personally liable for bounce-back loans……

Bounce back loans were loans of up to £50,000 and were intended for smaller businesses. They were backed by the government and were relatively fast and easy to apply for.  This allowed access to capital for a vast amount of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Lenders did not require personal guarantees from directors. However, many directors are unaware that just because personal guarantees were not sought, there are still certain conditions that must be met to ensure directors are [...]


Pregnancy and the Equal Treatment Handbook

Recently, two of our solicitors within the Family Team have been involved in a matter that has significantly changed the law surrounding pregnant women and the attendance of Court. Our Mr Philip Goodall and Miss Lauren Snowden represented the Mother in care proceedings and sought to argue in the Court of Appeal that an adjournment of her final hearing was necessary, given that the date proposed for the hearing was during the period of the latter stages of her pregnancy, [...]